Tips for Refinishing Your Basement After the Kids Are Gone

Many people feel a void when their kids grow up and leave the family home and that void motivates them to start new projects. One of the best ways to keep busy is to accomplish that long-planned basement refinishing that you have been dreaming of for years. Here are some tips for you.

Sort Through Your Items – and Be Cruel to Yourself

In most homes, the basement is the space where all the items that are broken or no longer used end up. The first thing to do, the very first process in the basement refinishing project is to sort through all those items and to assess them in terms of usefulness. Create three piles:

  • A pile for broken items – items that are damaged and broken, such as malfunctioning household appliances, old duvets, the old costumes that your kids wore for Halloween parties and other similar stuff should be carefully evaluated and tossed, if they are no longer usable or useful for anyone;
  • A pile for items that you will probably not use ever again, but might be useful for someone else – the items in this pile can be sold and you can use the money to reduce the costs of the basement refinishing project or they can be donated to a charity;
  • A pile for the items that you need and use – you will need to find a safe place for these items for the duration of the renovation.


Assess the Condition of the Basement

Basements are spaces located under ground level, therefore they tend to accumulate more moisture that the other rooms in the house. This special feature requires special measures – the electrical wiring in the walls needs to be suitable for the conditions in the basement, the walls and the floor need to be inspected to find any dampness and all the necessary measures need to be made to eliminate that dampness and to prevent it from coming back. If necessary, bare the walls until all the damp plaster is removed and do the same with the floor, too, then ensure the proper ventilation of the space and wait until everything is dry before you move on to the next phase.

Use the Right Materials

Your basement needs materials that are suitable for the special conditions in the basement. Certain, very common building materials, such as drywall is not a great choice for basements and neither is hardwood or cork flooring. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives that are in many cases cheaper, too – plaster walls might be a more conventional solution that takes longer to build, but they are also an option that is friendlier on the budget, while moisture-resistant vinyl flooring is an excellent, durable and attractive solution for your space.

Pay attention to the insulation, too – using the right material and applying it correctly is essential for preventing dampness, for ensuring the quality of the air in the space and for preventing energy loss. When you choose your insulation, also pay attention to the material’s sound insulating qualities, especially if you are planning to use the basement as a music room or a room for your home theater.

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We strongly advise that you consult with professional basement finishing Southlands contractors early in the process. They will provide expert guidance regarding the condition of your basement, and offer suggestions on materials and design tips as well.