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The Advantages of 55 and Older Communities for Empty Nesters

55 and older communities in Colorado

Anyone who has already reached the age of 55 might already be thinking of retirement and their strategy for taking it easy after they no longer go to their regular workplace. For empty nesters, the issue can become somewhat more emotional as their children and grandchildren might have moved to a different area and they could have difficulty in visiting them in an old people’s home or an assisted living community.

55 and older communities for elders, however, offer far more freedom than you might imagine, especially if you’re not bedridden and you can still continue with your life as normal. You can get visits from family members and friends just about any time, and some communities will also allow you to visit them, even providing you with a driver if you can’t drive yourself.

The advantages of 55 and older communities are manifold. You’ll find that they will change your life for the better, if you haven’t had many friends and you’ve been feeling lonely since your children have left to start their own families.

  • Unlike an old people’s home or an assisted living community, a 55 and older communities in Colorado will provide you with all the freedom you want. While there is an age limit, people there have the ability to buy apartments, settle down, use local amenities, benefit from improved safety and security, and form closer bonds with peers that are close in age to them.
  • The age restriction isn’t even that bad. Most communities don’t focus on age policing, so if you want to move there with your child or stay with your grandchild, it should be fine. The rule of thumb for most 55 and older communities is that at least 80% of the community should abide by the age restriction. The remaining 20% can be younger than 55, provided that they abide by any other restrictions or regulations that might be at hand.
  • Most 55 and older communities in Colorado put special emphasis on fitness and exercise. You can benefit from active living at its best here, with gyms and supportive programs for improved health. Also, the communities themselves are often built on supportive social values, which will allow you to make friends easily and feel genuinely supported during the later years of your life.
  • For empty nesters, joining a community for elders might sound daunting. Your children left the house maybe a while ago, and now you’re facing the prospect of going to live in a place where everyone is a stranger. In 55 and older communities, however, people don’t remain strangers for long. Social events that will allow you to bond with like-minded individuals are quite abundant, as you can take part in writing clubs, Bible studies, games, charity events, movie nights and many other exciting activities.

Living in an old people’s home doesn’t sound all that exciting. However, once you see one of these 55 and older communities up close, you’ll realize that it’s nothing like a nursing home or even a common assisted living community. Instead, it might just be a place that will help you feel young again and jumpstart your life even when you thought it might be headed into a darker place.

Where to Find a Real Estate Agency to Sell Your Home Fast

It’s no secret that a good real estate agency can really help you out when it comes to selling your home. The main idea is that you have to connect with your agent, and then they will provide you with tips on what you can do to promote your house, as well as take measures to ensure that you get offers faster and that everything can go smoothly. They might also suggest selling your home for cash, if you want to get through the process in the fastest way, and you’re not particularly interested in getting the highest price.

Talk to a Realtor in Your Area

When time is of the essence, you have to start by talking to a real expert who knows the local area like the back of their hand. Consider contacting some of the more reputable real estate agents and brokers in your area, and talk to them about your options.

Most of them will suggest that you book them for a meeting, so they can help you evaluate the market, consider the value of your home and think about your various options on how to get it sold as quickly as possible. Some might also talk to you about cash offers, especially if your home is somewhat broken down and you don’t want to waste time renovating it before you sell it. In such cases, there are usually a lot of investors available who will gladly take your property off your hands and pay a fair amount of cash money to get it.

Use Auction Sites 

Auction sites are great places to connect with investors and real estate agents specializing in selling homes for cash money. Investors tend to flock to real estate auctions – both online and in person – and they usually have money on hand, so you might be able to meet with them and talk about whether or not they’d like to purchase your home right away.

The safest way to go about it, however, is to contact a real estate agency that can find your investors for you. They have experience dealing with the most dependable and trustworthy investors, and they also know what the local market is like, so they won’t lowball you when it comes to establishing the final price for your home – even if the offer is cash money.

Find Local Agencies Online

Look for advertisements for local agencies online, on auction sites, in places like Craigslist and on online directories, search engines and specialty sites that are known to be used by real estate professionals.

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The best agencies are those that specialize in selling homes for cash. They usually advertise something like “we buy houses in Denver for cash”. They will be able to help you get great offers right away, find investors who won’t look at the condition of your home before agreeing to buy, and assist you in getting through the entire process as smoothly and as easily as possible. Selling a house for cash is usually a lot faster and more convenient than doing it the old fashioned way, and with a reputable real estate agency backing you up, you’ll also get a great price.

What To Do to Prep Your Home for Sale in Colorado

When you ask people what they consider to be the first and most important step towards selling their home, most of them say that it is posting the listing on the right websites. While using the right online platforms and printed media to market your property is an essential part of the selling process, the selling process should start way before that, with the preparation phase. Here are some tips that can help you prep your property to ensure that the first impression it makes on your buyers is positive and to sell it with the speed of lighting.

Clean and Declutter the Entire Property

The first thing to do when preparing your home for the sale is to give it a thorough cleaning and decluttering. Removing all the dirt and clutter from your landscape as well as from your building is the best way to restore its luster as well as to see whether there are any improvements that you can quickly implement to make the sale process easier.

Schedule a Home Inspection

Having a home inspection report is a great way to have a detailed picture of the condition of your property and also to prove to interested buyers that you are a reliable seller who has nothing to hide. Depending on the findings included in the report, you can also weigh the pros and cons of more substantial improvements to increase the resale value of your property.

A Fresh Coat of Paint and Some Minor Repairs Can Go a Long Way

A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, even in rooms that look quite good already. A good, safe option is to choose good quality paint (washable latex paint is usually the best) and neutral colors, such as shades of grey, beige, yellow or white for the interior as well as for the exterior and to create contrast with decorations in your rooms and with a vivid trim color on the outside.

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Staging Your Home

Home staging has become a very popular service provided by photographers and interior decorators, but also something that you can achieve on your own. A well respected Westminster real estate agent affirms that the goal is to show the best face of your home, inside and outside, for taking photos as well as for impressing potential buyers during open days. In the first phase, you should remove any objects that make the space personal, such as family photos and heirlooms and replace them with classy decorations, such as colorful wall art and other accents. If you have a deck or a patio, the staging should be extended to that pace as well.

When the rooms and the outdoor areas are prepped, it is time for shooting the photos to be used for the listings. Taking great shots of your home requires some knowledge and a good camera, too, so it is a good idea to hire a professional photograph for the process or at least someone with experience in real estate sales, such as your realtor or real estate agent.