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What Is the Monthly Expense of Your Storage Unit Going to Be?

So you just decided to move to a new place, and you want to plan ahead. One of the most important things you can do in the process is to find out how much everything will cost you – including moving services and storage units you might want to book.

When it comes to self storage services, you can expect a monthly payment that you’ll have to pay each month you use the unit you rent. However, unlike with other services, booking a storage unit can be a lot more complicated than you’d expect, and finding a good price estimate won’t be too easy.

What Is and Isn’t Required to Rent a Storage Unit?

Renting storage near me is typically easy. All you need is a date and time, information about the items you want to store, and the amount you will require to pay before gaining access to your new unit. In many cases, it will also be a good idea to consider insuring all your items, so you won’t have to depend on the basic insurance coverage that the company offers – if they even offer any type of coverage.

On the other hand, you won’t need to know the exact amount in advance, and you will be able to compare, pick and choose, and even negotiate on the price in some cases. Also, even though some special storage facilities will do a 24-hour background check before allowing you access, credit checks won’t be necessary, so you can be sure that you’ll have the ability to rent a storage unit without being denied one because of bad credit.

The Prices You Can Expect

The national average for a small, 5×5 storage unit is currently somewhere around $40-$50. Depending on the size, that amount can grow to more than $100 for a larger, 10×15 storage unit and to more than $140, if you also need climate control for it.

You’ll have to discuss all the details and consider the amenities you’ll need before you can determine the exact price. Companies offering storage near me have their own policies, so there will be some difference between the quality/price ratio offered by every one of them.

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Compare Online and Rent Fast

Once you establish your budget, it’s important to shop around and get a feel for the local market. Not all storage providers are the same, and some might be able to offer you a greater discount and a larger number of advanced features for the money you have at your disposal.

It’s much better to check and see what features and sizes are offered by each storage provider, before actually looking at the cost. You might find that you can get climate control and advanced security solutions, for example, without paying as high as you would have, if you chose the services of a company you found in the past to be one of the most popular.

However, take extra special care when it comes to entrusting your belongings to a lesser known storage provider. Even if the price is great, you will have to be careful and do your own background check to make sure that no foul play is afoot.