What Makes A Good Workman’s Comp Policy?


Most states require the businesses that have employees to possess workers’ compensation insurance, the type of policy that covers for the injuries, fatalities or illnesses that affect the company’s employees and arise from the work activity or from the work environment. The policy, also known as workers’ comp, is mandatory for most businesses, but that does not mean that any policy is suitable for your business. Here are some tips about how to find the policy that works best for your business.

Familiarize Yourself with the Requirements in Your State

Some states require businesses to possess workers’ comp insurance only if the businesses have more than three employees, while other states have other important requirements to know about. To be able to pick the best policy, find out about all the laws applicable to your situation.

Implement Safety Measures

Improving workplace safety is an excellent way to reduce the risk of work-related injuries or the appearance of work-related illnesses and will give you another benefit as well: your documented measures to make your workplace safer can be taken into consideration by your insurer when your insurance premium is calculated. Other such measures to improve work safety might include the enrollment of your employees into safety trainings.

Colorado workers compensation insurance

Find a Good Insurance Agent or Insurance Broker

Both insurance brokers and agents play the role of intermediaries between the business that is looking for a policy and the insurance companies that provide such products. The most important difference between the two types of insurance professionals is the client whose best interests they represent: while brokers represent the buyer and they usually carry a large portfolio that includes products from multiple insurance companies, agents represent the insurance company and can recommend only the products of the specific insurance company that they represent.

When it comes to shopping for your Colorado workers compensation insurance policy, you can turn to either type of insurance professionals. Your specialist will explain to you in detail how the policy works, how you will have to make your payments and what happens in case of a claim. You should also ask your broker or agent to tell you about how the claims process works, how long it takes for claims cases to be handled and also whether there are any specific measures required by available insurers to lower your premiums or to be offered discounted prices.

Consider Buying Multiple Policies from the Same Insurer or Paying for a Longer Period in Advance

Most insurers offer considerable discounts to clients willing to purchase multiple insurance policies from them. Most states require businesses to have commercial property insurance and general liability insurance as well, so deciding to have them all from the same company will surely lower your premiums. Another way to make savings is by choosing a yearly or semi-annual payment plan – though monthly payments are surely the plans chosen by most businesses, if you can afford to pay for half a year or for an entire year in advance, your rates will be much more affordable.

Tips for Refinishing Your Basement After the Kids Are Gone

Many people feel a void when their kids grow up and leave the family home and that void motivates them to start new projects. One of the best ways to keep busy is to accomplish that long-planned basement refinishing that you have been dreaming of for years. Here are some tips for you.

Sort Through Your Items – and Be Cruel to Yourself

In most homes, the basement is the space where all the items that are broken or no longer used end up. The first thing to do, the very first process in the basement refinishing project is to sort through all those items and to assess them in terms of usefulness. Create three piles:

  • A pile for broken items – items that are damaged and broken, such as malfunctioning household appliances, old duvets, the old costumes that your kids wore for Halloween parties and other similar stuff should be carefully evaluated and tossed, if they are no longer usable or useful for anyone;
  • A pile for items that you will probably not use ever again, but might be useful for someone else – the items in this pile can be sold and you can use the money to reduce the costs of the basement refinishing project or they can be donated to a charity;
  • A pile for the items that you need and use – you will need to find a safe place for these items for the duration of the renovation.


Assess the Condition of the Basement

Basements are spaces located under ground level, therefore they tend to accumulate more moisture that the other rooms in the house. This special feature requires special measures – the electrical wiring in the walls needs to be suitable for the conditions in the basement, the walls and the floor need to be inspected to find any dampness and all the necessary measures need to be made to eliminate that dampness and to prevent it from coming back. If necessary, bare the walls until all the damp plaster is removed and do the same with the floor, too, then ensure the proper ventilation of the space and wait until everything is dry before you move on to the next phase.

Use the Right Materials

Your basement needs materials that are suitable for the special conditions in the basement. Certain, very common building materials, such as drywall is not a great choice for basements and neither is hardwood or cork flooring. Fortunately, there are some great alternatives that are in many cases cheaper, too – plaster walls might be a more conventional solution that takes longer to build, but they are also an option that is friendlier on the budget, while moisture-resistant vinyl flooring is an excellent, durable and attractive solution for your space.

Pay attention to the insulation, too – using the right material and applying it correctly is essential for preventing dampness, for ensuring the quality of the air in the space and for preventing energy loss. When you choose your insulation, also pay attention to the material’s sound insulating qualities, especially if you are planning to use the basement as a music room or a room for your home theater.

basement finishing Southlands

We strongly advise that you consult with professional basement finishing Southlands contractors early in the process. They will provide expert guidance regarding the condition of your basement, and offer suggestions on materials and design tips as well.

What Is the Monthly Expense of Your Storage Unit Going to Be?

So you just decided to move to a new place, and you want to plan ahead. One of the most important things you can do in the process is to find out how much everything will cost you – including moving services and storage units you might want to book.

When it comes to self storage services, you can expect a monthly payment that you’ll have to pay each month you use the unit you rent. However, unlike with other services, booking a storage unit can be a lot more complicated than you’d expect, and finding a good price estimate won’t be too easy.

What Is and Isn’t Required to Rent a Storage Unit?

Renting storage near me is typically easy. All you need is a date and time, information about the items you want to store, and the amount you will require to pay before gaining access to your new unit. In many cases, it will also be a good idea to consider insuring all your items, so you won’t have to depend on the basic insurance coverage that the company offers – if they even offer any type of coverage.

On the other hand, you won’t need to know the exact amount in advance, and you will be able to compare, pick and choose, and even negotiate on the price in some cases. Also, even though some special storage facilities will do a 24-hour background check before allowing you access, credit checks won’t be necessary, so you can be sure that you’ll have the ability to rent a storage unit without being denied one because of bad credit.

The Prices You Can Expect

The national average for a small, 5×5 storage unit is currently somewhere around $40-$50. Depending on the size, that amount can grow to more than $100 for a larger, 10×15 storage unit and to more than $140, if you also need climate control for it.

You’ll have to discuss all the details and consider the amenities you’ll need before you can determine the exact price. Companies offering storage near me have their own policies, so there will be some difference between the quality/price ratio offered by every one of them.

storage near me

Compare Online and Rent Fast

Once you establish your budget, it’s important to shop around and get a feel for the local market. Not all storage providers are the same, and some might be able to offer you a greater discount and a larger number of advanced features for the money you have at your disposal.

It’s much better to check and see what features and sizes are offered by each storage provider, before actually looking at the cost. You might find that you can get climate control and advanced security solutions, for example, without paying as high as you would have, if you chose the services of a company you found in the past to be one of the most popular.

However, take extra special care when it comes to entrusting your belongings to a lesser known storage provider. Even if the price is great, you will have to be careful and do your own background check to make sure that no foul play is afoot.

What Is the Cost to Own a Storage Facility?

Running your own storage facility is a great thing – people will always need safe temporary or long-term storage solutions, so you will never run of clients. However, owning a storage facility is no small investment – here are the factors that will influence your costs.

The Geographical Location

The location of the facility will largely influence its value – storage facilities are forms of real estate, so their value is influenced by factors very similar to the factors that determine real estate prices in general. These factors include the type of settlement where the facility is situated – the facilities in smaller towns are usually cheaper than the ones in large cities. The facility’s location within the settlement is also important – downtown facilities are more expensive than the ones located in the suburbs or in industrial areas.

The Construction Process

Your ownership costs will also be determined by the construction process that you choose. Buying plot and building your storage Fort Smith AR facility can be a cheaper solution, but only if you have the time and the resources for the process. You can also choose to buy property that has been used as a storage facility or property on which there is a building than can be transformed into a storage facility, both decisions having cost-related implications.

The size of your storage Fort Smith AR building will also influence the costs – single-storey buildings are cheaper to build than complex, multi-storey construction.

The Level of Equipment Provided

Setting up a storage Fort Smith AR facility that offers only outdoor storage units is the cheapest option, but outdoor units are the cheapest to rent, so your income will probably be lower, too. Indoor storage facilities usually offer two types of units: temperature-controlled units and climate-controlled units. Temperature-controlled facilities provide stable temperature inside the facility, usually in the 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit range, while climatized units offer humidity control as well. Climate control requires more complex equipment that includes multiple sensors, humidifiers, filters and advanced ventilation, therefore the units in such facilities are more expensive that the units available in temperature-controlled units.

The Services Provided

The additional services that you provide to your clients will allow you to increase your rates, but in most cases, they will also increase your costs, too. Facilities monitored with security cameras, surrounded with electric fencing or other type of reliable fencing, fitted with advanced alarm systems and facilities that offer insurance solutions for the items stored in their units inspire more trust and convince clients to pay more, but such advanced equipment is not cheap, so the installation will increase your costs, even if it can be considered investment.

storage Fort Smith AR

Final Thoughts

Operating your own Fort Smith storage facility is a great, profitable business, but you will need to assess and analyse all aspects of the set-up process and to calculate the necessary budget with all these aspects in mind. The process will probably require the participation of various experts, such as real estate agents, lawyers, architects, building contractors and architects, who all work for fees that increase your costs, so make sure to include expert fees when you calculate your overall costs.

Renting Office Space Cost Effectively

Benefits Of Renting Office Space From Owner

Many people with great business ideas hesitate to start a company because they do not have the budget to rent office space. Even if the business operates 100% online, the business owner still needs to meet with potential partners, with future employees and to prepare business related documents. All these require an office.


The Good News: There Are Many Options for Renting Office Space Cost Effectively

The basic rule of free market economy is that where there is a demand, the offer will also appear. And the fact is that there are many start-ups out there whose owners do not afford large office spaces in premium buildings.


Also, the fluctuations in economy have forced even established businesses to downsize. As property managers and owners saw many of their office buildings sitting empty, they realizes that they need to rethink their renting strategy.


The name of the game now is flexibility. We are talking about flexibility in space configuration, as well as flexibility in renting terms. In other words, there are plenty of choices in terms of renting Denver office space for all budgets and for all types of businesses.


Here are just some ideas for you as you start exploring your choices:


  1. Business Incubators

This is a new business model in which several successful investors create the right conditions for talented people to bring their business ideas to life. A business incubator is a place where you can find affordable office space, as well as mentoring opportunities. If you prove your case, you will even find an investor for your business and take it to the next level.


  1. Co-working Spaces

Called the office building for start-ups, co-working spaces are designed for maximum flexibility. You can rent as much or as little space you need – from a basic office to a conference room. You can rent it by the hour or by day. You can come to work in the morning before the rush hour or late in the evening, depending on when you feel more creative and productive.


  1. Rent a Desk

Many companies are trying to make extra revenues by subletting or renting out the spaces they don’t use in their office buildings. Thus, you can find a small office at an affordable price within a premium business center. However, since the place is known as the headquarters of the company renting the space to you, this option will hamper your chances to build and grow your own brand.


  1. Specialized Apps for Office Space Renting

Just like Uber helps you find a ride and Airbnb helps you book affordable accommodations, various apps help entrepreneurs find vacant office spaces. These are usually managed by real estate developers who were unsuccessful in securing long term lease for their properties.


  1. Rent Sharing With Another Entrepreneur

There are situations when you find office space for rent that is just a bit too big for you and out of your budget limits. In this case, you should post messages on local business forum to find another start-up owner who needs office space. Thus, you can split the rent and each of you uses exactly the space you need to run your businesses.

How to Choose Your Realtor

How To Choose The Rigiht Realtor

Hiring the right person to sell your property or to help you buy a new one is essential for making the selling or the buying process as quick and the price you get as favourable for you as possible. Whether you are buying or selling property, you need the best realtor you can get, an expert that possesses the right type of experience, knowledge and personality for your buying or selling project, to find houses for sale in Greenfield especially.   Here is how to find the best realtor, the professional who will help you achieve your goals quickly.

Look for Certified Realtors

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a realtor and a real estate agent are the same thing. Though many people use the two terms interchangeably and it is true that both realtors and estate agents need to pass exams to obtain the license that allows them to practice, the real estate agents who want to become realtors need to pass even more exams, they need to subscribe to a special Code of Ethics and they need to become of the National Association of Realtors.

Check the Realtor’s Professional Past and Reputation with the Regulatory Board

All states have an online real estate regulatory board – before you contact or hire your realtor, make sure his or her name appears in the board’s online data base. You should also check whether there have been any complaints or disciplinary actions filed against the realtor you are considering – you don’t want to work with someone whose reputation is less than impeccable.

Look for a Realtor from a Reputable Company

When it comes to buying or selling property with the help of a realtor, the reputation of the company that your realtor works for is more important than the size of the firm. The larger the real estate company that your realtor works for, the larger the pool of resources available, but smaller firms might be able to offer a process more customized to your needs and might include more services into their offer. You can check the reputation of the company as well as of the realtor online, not only on professional websites, but also on forums where the actual buyers and sellers share their experiences.

Evaluate the Realtor at a Personal as well as at a Professional Level

The realtor’s experience, their portfolio and their network of contacts are just as important as their personality. Real estate is a fast business and a good realtor is always in demand and always in a hurry, but even so, you need a realtor who listens to you, to what you want and is willing to spend time answering your questions. If you like the plan proposed by a realtor to handle your project, make sure to check the realtor’s portfolio of helping previous clients buy or sell property that is similar to yours – a vast portfolio of similar transactions, of buying and selling property of the same type as yours and in a similar price range will prove that the realtor really knows the relevant market segment and you can rely on their expertise.


How to Minimize the Stress of Moving

Moving home is a stressful process – there are so many things to take care of, so many errands to run and nothing ever goes to plan. However, there are many great methods that you can use to keep the stress related to moving at the minimum and to make the process as efficient as can be – here are some tips.

Change Your Attitude

Don’t look at moving as a dreaded thing that only brings chaos and mess into your life. Try to perceive it as an excellent opportunity to go through your belongings and to get rid of everything that you don’t need. Packing only perfectly functional items and the things that you will use indeed is the best way to start your new life in your new place.

Another great way to reduce the stress related to moving or to transform it into excited anticipation is to envision the results, the great new home, comfortably furnished and equipped with your things.

Make Lists and Plans

Start thinking about what you will want to pack and what you will need for the process a couple of weeks before the move. Make sure that you have all the materials that you need for the packing – boxes, plastic bags, tape, string, markers and labels, strong wrapping paper or bubble wrap are all essential.

Stay Organized

Figure out the system that you will use for the packing process. You can choose to go from room to room and pack the items that belong to the same category, such as clothes and shoes on one day, cutlery on the next or you can empty one room at a time. To make it easier to find your stuff at your new place, label everything properly and establish the order in which you want your bags and boxes to be loaded onto the moving vehicle. Pick a large sports bag or suitcase and pack the items that you will need right after you arrive in your home, such as cosmetics, bedding, a towel and some clean clothes.

Arvada moving company

Accept Help

Make the packing process a team effort. Ask your friends to help you or involve your family – you will see that packing can be great fun, too. There is one thing you need to pay attention to, though: make sure you give clear instructions to your helpers about the way you want things done, otherwise everyone will use their own packing system and that will decrease the efficiency of your efforts. Better yet, enlist the help of a reputable Arvada moving company.

Don’t Forget about Self-Care

Be prepared that stress levels will keep rising as the date of the moving comes closer and closer, even if you are organized and the packing goes exactly the way you have planned it. We all know how the effects of stress can aggravate when we don’t eat well, when we don’t pay attention to proper hydration and when we don’t sleep enough, so try to give your body what it needs to be able to perform at its very best. Don’t skip meals, don’t drink too much coffee and take a short walk in a calming environment or a soothing shower whenever your thoughts start racing.

What Are The Latest Trends In Kitchen Cabinet Design?


Kitchen 2019 Trends

The kitchen is the place where you prepare meals for the family. Thus, it mainly has a functional role, not an esthetic one. But this does not mean that you should not strive and make your kitchen as beautiful as it can be.


It is well known that people are influenced by the environment they live and work in. A drab looking kitchen will make you fell less enthusiastic about spending time in there. As a result, you will hurry up to finish your chores and your home cooked meals will not taste as deliciously as they used to.


Start With the Kitchen Cabinets

Renovating an entire kitchen is a complex and expensive project. However, you can start small, with one change here and there. It is unbelievable how a new kitchen cabinet or just a fresh coat of paint can change the entire look of the kitchen.  Look at some of the kitchen cabinets Denver retailers to see what they have to offer before deciding to replace or paint.


The question is: what types of kitchen cabinets are trendy right now? What should you look for when shopping for new ones or updating the existing ones? We had a look at the latest trends and came up with these general ideas:


  1. Open Shelves

Forget about closed kitchen cabinets! The latest trends favor comfort and convenience, as well as showing off your kitchenware. Open shelf kitchen cabinets are popular because they look like they take up less space. Thus, even a small kitchen will look more spacious and welcoming.


At the same time, you get easy access to pots and plates when you need them during cooking. This trend started in restaurants, where the kitchen staff is always busy, but now it has been adopted by residential kitchen furniture trends, as well.


  1. Lighting under the Cabinets

Small spot lights embedded in the kitchen cabinet will help you find the tableware you need. At the same time, they will put into spotlight your best pieces, like displays in a museum. Spot lights are extremely economic (they use little electricity), so they are also a good option if you are trying to cut your household expenses.


  1. Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Forget about the boring monochrome kitchen cabinets of yesterday! The most recent trends say that you should use two complementary colors, the lighter on the top, and the darker on the sides and bottom.


  1. Different Finishes on the Same Item

How about a false marble top, and wooden sides for your kitchen cabinet? Or wooden build with glass or metal shelves? These surprising combinations of materials are extremely trendy, and have been for some time. But now, it has grown into a mainstream trend, and more kitchen cabinet manufacturers adopt it.


  1. Salvaged Wood

Are you thinking about buying a brand new kitchen cabinet? First of all, look in your attic and see if you happen to have an old wooden cabinet. Take it out, remove the cumbersome doors, give it a fresh coat of paint, and you will have a trendy kitchen cabinet.


We live in an age when it is increasingly important to use natural resources responsibly. This also means reusing, repurposing and upcycling older items, especially those made of wood.


Advantages Of Buying Used Office Chairs – Pay Less, Get More!

The best office chairs are also the most expensive, but many people will be happy to know that there are also significant advantages of buying used office chairs and get the quality you need while paying less money.

Price and comfort

Office chairs are a very important part of the office furniture, considering that workers spend most of their time in a chair, behind a desk, which influences their health and productivity; in these circumstances, many aspects such as the chair`s adjustability (backrest, seat, armrest), upholstery, design and ergonomics have to be considered in order to choose office chairs according to your needs.

A good ergonomic chair will not keep you away from health problems, but it can prevent some of them, more than you may realize. You may be happy to find a cheap office chair, but in the same time you must be aware about the importance about choosing a quality product, by taking into account much more factors than just the price, or the style.

However, if you opt for buying used office chairs, you can benefit from most of the advantages of new chairs, for an affordable price.

ergonomic office chairs


Buying used ergonomic office chairs typically offers you the possibility to choose from a variety of products in the same budget. Dealers have stocks collected from different places, so you should be able to find many styles, colors and features.

Readily available

When you purchase office chairs from large stores, you may have to wait for the items to come into stock (especially if you need a certain number of them, or you want them in a certain color); there is also a delivery time involved that will surely make you feel how it is to stand in a queue. On the other hand, buying used office chairs will save you some valuable time, considering that the items are readily available, you can take them with you or they will be delivered quickly.


Purchasing second-hand items is also an environmentally friendly attitude, considering that you prevent these items from going to waste in the landfill and reduce the carbon footprint.

Besides the advantages of buying used office chairs, there are also some downsides.

Sometimes, used office chairs may not be as safe as the new ones. Some second hand chairs present only some minor signs of wear and tear (scratches, small discolorations etc.), but others may be quite worn out, with loose elements that can put users at risk of injury.

Whether you buy used office chairs for yourself or for your business, safety should be at the top of your priorities.

There is always a compromise with the quality when you buy used items, but your concern is to keep this compromise at the minimum and avoid unnecessary risks. One of the best things is to look for a warranty. Many dealers will offer warranty for the office chairs they sell and, although it will not be the same as the warranty offered for a new product, it still provides some assurance and you can add it to the list of advantages of buying used office chairs.

Why Use A Temporary Office for Meetings? – Features that You Should Know About

Owning meeting rooms on their premises is still the solution chosen by many companies, even if the rooms are rarely used and take away funds for regular cleaning and maintenance – if you have heard about the option to rent temporary office space and wondering “why use a temporary office for meetings?”, here are a few of the features offered by these flexible options.

The Types of Meetings Hosted in Temporary Offices

Temporary offices are spaces offered by office space providers to companies that need meeting rooms only occasionally. The companies that use the service usually choose not to invest into their own meeting rooms, thus saving money by not having to allocate funds for purchasing office equipment, for room repairs and upkeep and by cutting utility costs as well. The types of meetings typically held in temporary meeting rooms include business negotiations, networking events, staff meetings and interview, but the rooms can be used for any other types of meetings as well.

meeting rooms


Temporary meeting rooms Denver providers usually offer rooms of various sizes and configurations, allowing you to choose the room that fits the number of attendees to your meeting as well as the level of equipment in the room.

Payment-Related Benefits

With temporary meeting room rentals, you will pay only for what you use. You can schedule the perfectly sized and equipped meeting room for the amount of time that you need it for – whether you need the room for a few hours, for days or for month, you will pay for exactly the amount of time that you booked the room for.

Temporary meeting rooms usually come for a fixed rate that does not change with the season, so you will know exactly how much you will have to pay for using the space, the rate does not change if the heating or the cooling system needs to run full power.

Easy Access

In most cities, you can find temporary meeting room rental opportunities in all districts and neighborhoods. Most major providers have multiple facilities that you can choose from, so if you used one of their rooms in a certain district in the past, but a room in a different area of the city would be easier to access for the attendees of your next meeting, you can book the room in the district that works best for you.

Extra Services

Many meeting room providers offer not only the room and the office equipment – they also have staffed reception areas where your guests will be greeted in a professional and polite manner and some companies even offer catering services as an option.

Customized Solutions

You can also ask the space provider to reconfigure the layout of the space that you will use – they can add or remove chairs and tables or do other minor changes that you need. You can also benefit from the technical support made available to you – most providers have qualified on-site staff to help you, should you encounter any technical problems during your meetings.

If you are still wondering “why use a temporary office for meetings?”, just have a look at what your local providers offer and you will instantly see that these great, flexible solutions can efficiently and conveniently replace the rarely-used meeting space on your company premises.