When to Make an Insurance Claim and How You Should Handle It

Whether you just got into an accident, or you’re coping with a disease or injury that’s covered by your insurance, knowing when to make an insurance claim is crucial when it comes to getting the compensation you require. You’ll find that the deeper subtleties will differ in each case, but the general principle of when to consider making an insurance claim will be more or less the same for all types of insurance policies.

Have a Detailed Assessment of What You Have to Do

No one likes to hear that they’ve been paying thousands of dollars to an insurance company every year, only to find out that their compensations fall far short of the contributions they’ve made.

The first step you have to make is to become fairly acquainted with your insurance policy. If you haven’t yet, check your coverage and see if you at least have a fair chance to make your insurance claim without getting a negative response.

Next, if you want to know when to make an insurance claim, the answer is, “as soon as possible after the incident that caused you to need an insurance claim has occurred. After you or one of your loved ones has experienced an injury, a theft or some property damage that would warrant the need for your insurers to step in, gather all the evidence, and file your report to the insurance company, or look for a professional to represent you and take care of all the paperwork and negotiation proceedings on your behalf.

As you will see, gathering all the facts and evidence and getting all your papers straight from the start is the surest way to make certain that your insurer will stick to their end of the bargain.

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Check Your Facts and Gather All Your Evidence

So what does gathering facts and documents entail? First and foremost, you’ll find that you need your policy document, any receipts of the stolen items and any medical bills or receipts from contractors who have repaired your damaged items, and any reference numbers that you’d get if, for instance, you filed a police report.

Of course, the insurance company will also need to make an assessment of the damage, and it will help if you can present them with as many facts and figures as possible. Write down all the details of what happened, take photographs for proof, make a note of all the times and dates involved – as well as every person who was involved – and finally, get all your financial facts in order, including how much you paid and how much you expect the insurance company to pay you.

When contacting the company yourself, make sure you use their help line, and contact the broker first, if you bought your insurance through a broker. They can help you get all the information you require, and then you can finally file your insurance claim.

Making an insurance claim might not seem like such a big deal, but aside from it being a crucial factor in getting your money, it can also be excruciatingly difficult to deal with that sort of thing in the middle of a crisis. Aside from knowing when to make an insurance claim, finding a reliable lawyer and public adjuster Florida professional can also be an important step in getting your money.