How to Minimize the Stress of Moving

Moving home is a stressful process – there are so many things to take care of, so many errands to run and nothing ever goes to plan. However, there are many great methods that you can use to keep the stress related to moving at the minimum and to make the process as efficient as can be – here are some tips.

Change Your Attitude

Don’t look at moving as a dreaded thing that only brings chaos and mess into your life. Try to perceive it as an excellent opportunity to go through your belongings and to get rid of everything that you don’t need. Packing only perfectly functional items and the things that you will use indeed is the best way to start your new life in your new place.

Another great way to reduce the stress related to moving or to transform it into excited anticipation is to envision the results, the great new home, comfortably furnished and equipped with your things.

Make Lists and Plans

Start thinking about what you will want to pack and what you will need for the process a couple of weeks before the move. Make sure that you have all the materials that you need for the packing – boxes, plastic bags, tape, string, markers and labels, strong wrapping paper or bubble wrap are all essential.

Stay Organized

Figure out the system that you will use for the packing process. You can choose to go from room to room and pack the items that belong to the same category, such as clothes and shoes on one day, cutlery on the next or you can empty one room at a time. To make it easier to find your stuff at your new place, label everything properly and establish the order in which you want your bags and boxes to be loaded onto the moving vehicle. Pick a large sports bag or suitcase and pack the items that you will need right after you arrive in your home, such as cosmetics, bedding, a towel and some clean clothes.

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Accept Help

Make the packing process a team effort. Ask your friends to help you or involve your family – you will see that packing can be great fun, too. There is one thing you need to pay attention to, though: make sure you give clear instructions to your helpers about the way you want things done, otherwise everyone will use their own packing system and that will decrease the efficiency of your efforts. Better yet, enlist the help of a reputable Arvada moving company.

Don’t Forget about Self-Care

Be prepared that stress levels will keep rising as the date of the moving comes closer and closer, even if you are organized and the packing goes exactly the way you have planned it. We all know how the effects of stress can aggravate when we don’t eat well, when we don’t pay attention to proper hydration and when we don’t sleep enough, so try to give your body what it needs to be able to perform at its very best. Don’t skip meals, don’t drink too much coffee and take a short walk in a calming environment or a soothing shower whenever your thoughts start racing.